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News - Allegrites risks with Iguaine from the first minute of `San Paolo`


Allegrites risks with Iguaine from the first minute of `San Paolo`

 Allegrites risks with Iguaine from the first minute of `San Paolo`

Gonzalo Iguaine is likely to be a Juventus champion in the 15th round of Serie A against Napoli this evening at 21:45. The Argentine broke a finger on his hand and was operated two days ago. Initially, it was not even known whether he would be in the San Paolo match group, and the bravest predictions were that Pitta would sit on the bench. Juve, however, will certainly be without Mario Manjukic, who has a muscular trauma and is not with the Napoli team. This limits the options to senior coach Massimiliano Allegri. He has to decide whether to bet Paulo Diballa as a fake ninety or risk taking the iguanine.

If Allegre chooses 3-4-3, Dybala will act in front of Douglas Kosta and Juan Quadrado. If he does, however, decide to put the Iguaine in the first minute against his former club, Alegriy will put his lineup in a 3-4-2-1 draw, with both Doublas and Douglas Kosta playing on both flanks, while Quadrado will remain in reserve. Sky Sport Italia argues that this is exactly how they look in the attack on the bianconers tonight.

The good news for Allegri is the return after injuries to Federico Bernardeski, Giorgio Chiellini and Quadrado. Napoli with injuries are Fausy Gulam and Arkadyus Milik.

Last night, Juventus arrived in Naples and the arrival of the bus in front of the hotel was accompanied by violent booing of Napoli fans.

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